Loving Nashville!

by Cale Moon

It doesn’t take long knowing me to figure out that I love being on the road, but there is something truly amazing about this place called Nashville! 

I can’t really explain it more simply than to say that it’s like a really over-populated small town. I mean, it doesn’t take long being here before you start meeting people and about every 3rd person you meet, knows somebody else you already know!! There’s a comradary here that almost drowns out the competition aspects, cause those of us who love music, love being here because of all the great music!! We love being in a place where music is the biggest industry in town! Plus, where else do major celebrities walk down the street with no body guards and actually act like and treat everyone else like normal people?? Just the other day, my wife was walking down lower Broadway and texting me when she walked, literally, right into John Rich!! Big and Rich were totally cool about it too! It’s a different way of life here and it seems to create a whole different breed of people. Very down to earth and friendly 🙂

Now you gotta understand, I’m a country boy through and through. It’s how I was born, how I was raised, it’s in my blood and that I can’t change. I love being way out in the middle of nowhere where people treat you like family, and that’s exactly why I love it here! I have an ever expanding family of brothers and sisters that love each other like a true family. We don’t have much in common even! We’re from different places all over the country (and world), we were brought up in different ways of life, but we come together and become family by the greatest bond imaginable: Love!!

We love the music and we love each other because of the music. Once you meet someone who shares that same love, you’re family for life. 

There’s no place like this on earth!