Feels good to be wanted :)

by Cale Moon

Days like this are what make all the long hours and endless hard work worth every bit of it!! 

Yesterday, after playing the 11-2 shift at Rippy’s downtown Nashville, my super cool landlord, Tommy Cunningham, asked me if I would do a small show for the guests at The Grand Ole RV Resort. Of course I said yes!

These shows are always fun cause it’s more laid back, intimate and interactive. I get to be more relaxed and get personal with the crowd, answering questions between songs, having conversation and just having fun with everyone ?

Anyway, I went up to the clubhouse to get my mail today and Tommy pulls me aside and says I’ve been requested by an overwhelming majority of the campers (there’s 101 spots. Takes a quite a few people to make a majority in a park that size) to put on another show soon! So we set it up for tomorrow night. Just in the time it took to walk back from the clubhouse to my bus (less than 100yds) several people told me they couldn’t wait to hear me again tomorrow night….. So I’m not sure if the gossip gets around that fast, or they had a lot of faith that I didn’t have any other plans for my Monday night ?

Anyway, it feels great to be loved! Whether it’s being asked back to play an RV park or getting encored at The Gorge, it’s just an amazing feeling! 

I love my fans ?