Just Keeps on Coming

by Cale Moon

Hey y’all!!!

Hope all is well with you 🙂

It sure is going better and better for me all the time!!

When I came back from Florida, I was invited to move up to Franklin, Kentucky (just north of the Tennessee line) to a place called Dad’s Bluegrass Campground where an old friend of mine works now. 
Ever since I got here, I’ve had a concert almost every other night!! The stage here is pretty big and super cool!!! And the crowds have been great!!!!

I’m having such a blast here, and tonight the fun continues as I take the DBC stage at 7pm!
Tomorrow night a little down the road here in Franklin, I’m playing at Sol Azteca’s Main Street location starting at 7pm. 

This coming Monday, my steel player is coming back to town so we can get some band stuff squared away for a few gigs that are coming up later this year. I can’t wait to work with him again 🙂

Next week on the 9th I have a gig here at the campground that’s supposed to be a pretty big deal. It’s a fund raising event put on by a local Shriner’s bike gang (yes, I know that’s a weird statement lol). The best part about the gig is they wanted just me and my steel player!!  So it’s sure to be a FANTASTIC night of country music!!!

I leave out of here on the 10th of this month to head back out west on tour, and the summer dates are filling up fast so keep watching my schedule under the “Events” tab 🙂

Hope to see y’all at a few of my upcoming shows!

God Bless!