Cale Moon

Cale Moon is a new breed of pure country music! Born the son of a long haul truck driver, Cale grew up loving the blue collar American way of life: Hard work, diesel fumes, dirt, guns, God, family & freedom. Cale’s music is inspired by every day life as it happens in the lives of every day folks. No false bravado, no tortured metaphors, no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives! His musical style is a cross breed of Chris LeDoux and Josh Turner: Raw energy blended with warm, soulful melodies, resulting in a unique sound that’s always unmistakably country. Now entirely self-produced, Cale is reviving the true spirit of country music: “Real songs for real people living real lives in the real world.” “My goal isn’t to be acclaimed by critics, but to just to be loved by my people. Ain’t no boardroom meetings with executives and bean counters to decide what kind of music I’m gonna make. The only opinion I care about is THE FANS. Y’all say you want country music, and that’s what I’m gonna make. Simple as that.”

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